Non-standard equipment design and manufacturing

This installation is intended for use by non-combatants, free-flying vehicles, hang gliders and paragliders, up to 500 meters in lifting (stretching) air. The installation is relatively small in size, simple construction.
The device is attached to the rear of the car. A rope of 500 meters is rolled out of the drum, with a total rope of 800 meters. The athlete clings to the end of the rope. When the athlete is ready, the car starts to ride and the athlete, with a flying flyer or paraglider starts to rise. The device has a passive mechanism for loosening the rope under higher loads. When the sportsman rises to the required height, he will rotate back to the drum with the help of the starter. This can be done by one person who drives a car.

This mobile robot is designed and manufactured for ROBOT INTELLIGENCE 2011. Its purpose is to overcome a predetermined route with obstacles, find a bag weighing 1 kg, take the bag and take it to the start place. The robot has to do everything by yourself, unmanaged by man. Its weight should not exceed 20 kg. Robot Client KTU Panevezys Institute. The robot was programmed and also designed and assembled by the KTU PI team FORTUNE HUNTERS. The company “MERTONAS” has carried out the mechanical part design, manufactured the entire mechanical part: chassis, body, manipulators and other details. All parts are made of lightweight components: aluminum, titanium, plastic. All robot mechanical parts were also tested. Currently, this robot is being refined, research is being carried out. Other robots are also designed and manufactured.

The robot grab holder is designed to seize objects of various dimensions: cylindrical or square shapes, paper, material, and objects with a slippery surface. The pickup is equipped with sensors who decide on which gauge object is arrested. The ends of the robot grab holder have replaceable lips. Lips have various modifications. Their purpose is to adapt to different surfaces.