Our house product is a staircase with a metal rail. We produce stairs of various designs, work to put customers’ imagination into practice, we make suggestions if the customer is not certain which model would suit. We manufacture interior and exterior staircases, both for individual and for public housing. We can make special stairs that are adapted to people with disabilities. Also, folding, lifting and hiding the stairs for the climb to the attic, we restore and repair old staircases. We produce any style of staircase from the last century to modern times, using glass, stone, wood, plastic, carbon, stainless and plain steel.

You need to think of stairs before building a house. Because they are intended not only to climb and go down, and fill part of building space, they give it style that is home decoration. Stairs should also be user-friendly for many of today’s architects leave little room for the ladder is compressed and they are awkward to climb. Often not enough space is left and one has to mind one’s head while climbing. For these reasons, we recommend contacting us during the course of construction, so that any possible faults should be removed.. If there is floor heating we will indicate where to set it up. It also draws a layout of staircase lighting.

Once contact is established, we go to see the customer, take measurements, draw a 3-dimensional sketch on AutoCAD or SolidWorks software. If need be, we calculate your allowable loads and choose colors. After mounting the stairs, and we can do the finish. The welding work on the staircase rail in our company is carried out by our experienced specialist from Germany. If the client wishes, the staircase rail itself is produced. If the customer is interested in a low-cost option, we use cheaper, but solid materials. Our products are inexpensive and of high quality.