Sauna boilers

We design and produce low-cost bath boilers. Boiler walls are 8-10 mm thick, and the standard boiler wall is 4-5 mm thick. This means that our bowlers are durable and do not deform at high temperatures. We only produce round sauna stoves, so we guarantee that its seams and oven will not get disfigured in a short while. This was tested on a red hot boiler metal. In the 800-degree heat, buckets of cold water were poured over until the boiler cooled down completely. After the measurements were taken, it was found that the boiler has surpassed its parametres.After testing with a square model, deformities were found and the measurements of the heater had changed. Angular boilers are not durable and their life cycle is much shorter due to continuous formation of the walls and the fact that boiler seams must be repaired or modified.

We calculate boiler gauge based on the size of the bath and then we choose the design. We produce just the way the customer wishes. Before its production, we can draw three-dimensional sketch. Before sending the product to the customer, the boiler is tested. We deliver it to the site and assemble. We are always improving our products, we carry out tests on how to arrange the internal partitions that render the boiler more efficient. The boiler contains smoke exchange chambers which greatly reduce the use of firewood, it suffices to load the chamber only a couple of times, to heat the bath and it saves you time. The boiler is heavy sincea lot of metal is used in its production and it is due to such weight that it takes a long time to cool. If you wish, we can incorporate a coil into the boiler, or weld a pocket on the outside, which will heat the water in the boiler, or a special heat-insulated water tank, which will heat the entire house. We can construct a special boiler that will heat the water in the hot tub or pool outdoors, in the winter.

We recommend that you cover the stove and chimney with stones in order to minimize contact between metal and air and will keep it moist. Stones help to maintain moisture. Field stones are usually used, they are free of charge and can be picked by anyone. To see which stones are better, we have performed a test, we covered half of the oven with outdoor stones, and the other with rocks half frozen in volcanic lava. Once the stones were hot, water was constantly being poured over them, until finally 30 minutes later, field stones cooled down, but the lava stones were still hot. In order to cover the stove with stones, bars/lattices are produced, that hold stones. The choice of Lattices/Bars is very large, from simple to luxurious, blacksmith’s work. Beautiful luxury bars/lattices accentuate the value of the boiler. The customer purchases a single, master-created product manufactured to order.

We do all plumbing works. We consult and advise and always respond to customer’s needs.