Welding (TIG/MIG/MAG)

Welding in a non-conductive electrode in an inert gas environment, commonly referred to as TIG welding, is used where welding quality and seamy appearance are the most important requirements. This welding method is mainly used for welding of very thin metals. We can weld stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. If this weld does not work, we use the soldering method. We make welding of stainless steel pipelines.

The welding arc is illuminated between unconventional, usually tungsten, electrode and welded parts.

Argon gases are commonly used to protect the electrode and the seam from contact with air.

Welding torches TIG are used to supply protective gas to the welding site and as a weld electrode holder.

The supplied wire is manually fed to the welding location. The mechanical wire feed is used to wrap very long seams.