We manufacture and design models of various rails. We use metal, stainless steel, nonferrous metals, wood and glass. We can therefore produce metal, wood, glass, artificial and composite rails. Handrails are a decoration of stairs and while manufacturing rails, special attention is paid to their design, components, details and composition. We can manufacture ourselves all parts necessary , so we can produce a genuine, single rail model. We can create any rail model for office space, one’s own house, a multi storeyed building , clubs for the handicapped.

Artistic handrails are drawn on life-size paper, all details are discussed with the customer, and only then produced. We are always looking to produce new handrail parts and ways of combining them into handrails, so that our products are constantly improved. We restore ancient rails. We weigh, calculate, draw, produce, then mount them. At the customer’s request we give consultations and advise.